Green spot algae (Choleochaete orbicularis), GSA or Green Surface Algae. What's the best way to remove this? I was in the process of adding it into my tank when my little girl ran into me from behind. It is also used for industrial water treatment and as a preservative. I've noticed some green dot algae growing on 2 silicone edges of my aquarium. You’ll want to start treating with flourish excel for the bba and get some (or some more) nerites for the green spot algae. Green spot algae help. I would make sure that the tank inhabitants are not sensitive and definitely don’t try this if you have shrimp. Those algae are attached to the substrate very strongly. A planted aquarium with a buildup of phosphorus likely has a nitrogen (nitrate), potassium, or carbon deficiency. Using a sufficient number of algae eaters is an important factor in the field of spot algae control. Params:0/0/0. All prices stated here include the statutory value added tax (VAT). A pungent colorless oily liquid, glutaraldehyde is used to sterilise medical and dental equipment. And dose 4-5 pumps of easy green twice a week. As a part of your weekly tank maintenance you can clean the inside of your aquarium glass with a blade cleaner and rid it off the green coats easily. Green Spot Algae has a texture that is hard and rough, these algae are also usually formed on the surface of the glass substrate, and the leaves of the plant have a characteristic slow growth. Is it possible to have GSA in a tank that has PO4 at the 6-10 PPM level? The algae should turn white and die. If it doesn’t, hit it again with, perhaps, a little bit more. Unstable or immature tank bio-filter causing bacteria imbalance; Low oxygen or nitrates, coupled with high light; Build up of organic waste & detritus; Dead spots/low flow areas; Solutions. Your email address will not be published. ... you need to spot dose it. I’ve used the above method successfully many times over the years. 9. At least 5 times the recommended doseage. Lighting is the beamswork DA 6500k, which is on from 9am-6pm. Following this, spot treat problem areas with Excel by using a syringe. He writes and curates and is the host of the ScapeFu Podcast, a weekly podcast on the art and science of planted aquariums and aquascaping. If it … Hampir mirip dengan Green Dust Algae hanya saja Green Spot Algae muncul dan bentuk bintik - bintik bundar hijau pada kaca aquarium, hardscape, dan paling umum pada daun tanaman aquascape. I'm talking about the plant, not the algae there. Some of the photos show green spot algae and some show bba- seems you’ve got a mix of both. This algae will appear if CO2 and Phosphate (PO4) levels are low. If we talk about Green Spot Algae on a tank glass, sadly Siamese algae eater isn’t able to do anything about it. € 4.90 Bit by bit, if their environment is favorable, the spots can widen to extensive coats. It is not always easy to discern whether you have spot algae or other green algae coats. Many thanks to all, especially Tom Barr for all the help. Without curing the cause of the algae in the first place, killing it will only be a temporary thing. Re: Green Spot Algae & High Nitrate Reading 40 is much better, hopefully it will drop more though. Generally, regular water changes are important to prevent nutrient buildup. Someone who tested Excel and found it working to kill algae, Killing Blue Green Algae a/k/a Cyanobacteria – SFPT009, Automatic Fertilization | ScapeFu Wednesday Pro Tip, ScapeFu Wednesday Pro Tip: Creating Sections with Plexiglass, ScapeFu020 – Dave Chow, Twinstar and Algae in the…, How to Add CO2 – Introduction to Aquarium Plants Tutorial, Use of Contrast in Aquascaping – ScapeFu Friday Challenge, Light Basics Continued – Introduction to Aquarium Plants Tutorial Part 2, Dosing Vinegar in Your Aquarium | ScapeFu046, UK Aquascaping Experience Recap | ScapeFu060 - ScapeFu, Lighting the Planted Aquarium with Cara Wade | ScapeFu059 - ScapeFu, Lighting the Planted Aquarium with Cara Wade | ScapeFu059. That is to say, algae is everywhere, and it’s a significant part of a number of ecosystems across the planet. I’ve thought about just chopping them all down and giving them a chance to regrow. This will enable you to monitor the formation of new spot algae. Art PennomApril 1, 2015Help with Algae, Podcast, Pro TipsLeave a Comment. Penyebab. Green dust algae appears when CO2 and nutrients are low. My Trigon 190 is getting quite mature now, it's nice and stable, with maybe a 30% water change every month or two, and for the most part the plants are healthy and the tank is algae free. Cause: Try to maintain at least 0.3 to 0.5 of phosphates throughout the week and more preferable is in the range of 1.0 - 2.0 ppm of phosphates (however this algae is considered normal in small amounts). Shaker canister.  - free on orders over € 50.-.