With iPhone 12, you can do it even faster. Even moving the apps can be a little annoying if you are, say, moving a bunch of apps. Go to Settings > General > Keyboards > Text Replacement to create replacements. If you also belong to the same school of thought, this little but efficient tip is for you. Siri Shortcuts let you speed up common tasks by chaining actions together, then launching them all from a single button. Tap and hold on either of these sliders to see more shortcuts. To activate the one-handed keyboard on your iPhone, bring up the keyboard and then touch and hold the globe icon. Keyboard Shortcuts * includes: • Over one hundred flashcards representing the most useful keyboard shortcuts for Mac, PC, web browsers, spreadsheets, and Gmail • A customized flashcard repetition algorithm that cuts your memorization time dramatically Some Word for Mac keyboard shortcuts conflict with default macOS keyboard shortcuts. Check out our full list of iPhone keyboard shortcuts for more typing tricks like these. iPhone Keyboard Shortcuts 2020 This will show you how to use keyboard shortcuts iPhone & iPad which is commonly called … Head to Settings > Emergency SOS to turn on a shortcut that lets you click Side quickly five times to do the same. To do so, open the Settings app -> your favorite app -> Language under Preferred Language. How Does Apple One Work With Existing Trials and Subscriptions? Tap on Keyboard. All you can do is simply move the apps and change their location. Now, you will see a pop-up message on your screen with two buttons Undo and Cancel. These Android apps are extremely popular, but they also compromise your security and privacy. Now, customize things like Page Zoom, Reader, Camera, Microphone, and more in line with your taste. In such cases, you can take advantage of Apple’s 3D Touch functionality. Now, turn on the switch for Type to Siri. We start with simple shortcuts, and as you go down the list, you will find the advanced one. Built right into the Files app, it’s a pretty handy tool to let you manage your files. Perhaps the most important iPhone trick to learn is the Emergency SOS shortcut. It’s simple, just head to the webpage in Safari and hit the share button. It’s a great place to save controls like screen recording, which would otherwise And iOS does a great job of letting you customize this space as per your needs. If you plan on going a long time without a source of power, you should activate Low Power Mode on your iPhone. Well, here’s a cool trick, While moving an app from its place, you can tap on other apps to add them to a cluster. But have you ever wanted to take a photo while you're recording a video? In this article, we have included both beginner and advance level shortcuts for iPhone. 3D Touch/long-press shortcuts can be very helpful when you want to get something done or go to a particular part of an app quickly. Note: Keyboard shortcuts aren't supported on all keyboards. Finding the settings page on iOS can be really annoying. After you have selected the text, simply pinch with three fingers to copy the text. Now press and hold the “+” button to reveal all the recently closed tabs. Keyboard shortcuts in Word. The iPhone keyboard lets you add a period and start a new sentence by simply double-tapping the space bar. Your iPhone's Medical ID feature could save your life in an emergency. Widgets is one iOS feature that we believe is pretty underrated. Siri now works with a lot of third-party apps, so be sure to spend some time with the assistant and get acquainted. These cool iPhone shortcuts cut down the steps to various tasks, so that should certainly speed things up for you. Now, choose the preferred location. If you are one of them, this tip can go a long way in conserving plenty of data on your iPhone or iPad. This also gives quick access to editing tools in case you want to crop or annotate your screenshot before saving it. The most important shortcut in iOS is that you can add your own short form of words to save time when typing in Messages or Pages. That’s why iOS offers a handy way to automatically close Safari tabs after certain times. You can swipe. Pretty simple, wouldn’t you say? 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Then, use the two-finger swipe up/down gesture to select more conversation threads. To turn these features off permanently, open the Settings app and select Wi-Fi or Bluetooth at the top of the screen. How to use 3D Touch or long-press shortcuts on your iPhone or iPad's Home screen. Sound off in the comments section below. In the latest iterations of iOS, widgets get their own pane available from the home screen, as well as the lock screen, making it more streamlined. In the Phrase field, type in the entire phrase you'd like to create a shortcut for. Though I prefer mobile-optimized sites on smartphones, at times I feel the need to switch to the desktop version of a site, especially when the mobile variant looks completely cramped. But considering the 5GB storage limitation, many folks would like to store the downloaded files in other locations. Next, fill in the “Shortcut” field with the actual abbreviation and tap on … One of my favorite iOS 13 features is the ability to zip/unzip files. Please confirm your email address in the email we just sent you. Moreover, you can install some amazing widgets apps from the App Store oo. Siri has gotten a lot better over time, and you can now use it for a couple of simple tasks like setting an alarm. To delete a third-party keyboard: Go to Settings > General, tap Keyboard, then tap Keyboards. For example, you can define “omw” as “On my way!” and when you type “omw” iPhone will suggest “On my way!” as a top prediction, which can be selected by tapping … Siri will then open the Instagram settings page you. Go to Settings > Control Center > Low Power Mode to do so. If you hate using your iPhone’s hardware home button all the time or if you can’t get used to the gesture navigation, then iOS’ Assistive Touch is something you should you check out. The iPhone is well-known for the great photos and videos it captures. Do you find it inconvenient to interact with Siri using voice command? If yes, “Type to Siri” could be very helpful to you. The stock file manager will instantly get the job done for you. Tap Edit. Say if you want to open Instagram’s settings page – You can simply open the Instagram app, wake up Siri and say Settings. These typing shortcuts can save huge amounts of time over the long run. Dan writes tutorials and troubleshooting guides to help people make the most of their technology. iPhone keyboard shortcuts you should know Alternate characters. iOS even lets you create your very own keyboard shortcuts. Now, choose the features you wish to access using the shortcut. If you have other AirPlay devices on your network---like an Apple TV or HomePod---select them from this screen to quickly switch playback to those devices. Tap and hold this panel to expand the controls, showing a volume control and AirPlay options. This is one of my favorite iPhone shortcuts. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards > Add a New Keyboard and select the app that you installed. Another pretty usual yet not-so-popular iOS feature is Reachability aka one-hand mode, which brings the entire user interface down to put the various elements easy to reach, especially if you are using an iPhone Plus-version. iPhone Add New Shortcut screen Enter in the phrase in question and the shortcut you’ve come up with for it. Oh, how I love this iPhone shortcut. Word for iPhone More... Less. Command-Space bar : Show or hide the Search field. If you are using an iPhone, you’d agree when we say that it’s pretty simple to use, thanks to iOS’ simplicity and streamlined interface. These iPhone shortcuts are pretty simple but surprisingly, not many people are aware of it. Now, turn on the switch for Low Data Mode. That makes it easier than ever to move the editing cursor and select text. Note: If you wish to discover more such cool keyboard tips, jump over to this post to accelerate your typing. To do so, scroll a little bit to make the scroll bar appear at the right edge of the screen, then drag and drop the bar to your desired location. Heck, you can even ask Siri to send, say, a WhatsApp message. Chances are, you already know this one but if you are not aware, you can capture photos while you are shooting a video. You should also organize your apps and save yourself even more time with a few custom Siri Shortcuts. Well, I’ve saved this hack specifically for the folks who wish to have a more personalized web browsing experience. Command-Shift-3: Take a screenshot. Basically, you can just head over to the widgets section and check various information, launch your most-used apps, call your favorite contacts and more. You can also create replacements for your home address, phone number, or common phrases you use. This is by far the quickest way to return to the start of whatever you're looking at. You can also add a Low Power Mode to Control Center for even quicker access. You can use this to check out a page quickly without leaving the one you're already on. Check out our Siri Shortcuts beginner's guide to learn more about making the most of this great feature. One of the most useful iPhone tips and tricks not everyone takes advantage of is to start using Spotlight. Not least is the ability to swipe left and right from either edge of the screen to go forward and backward through your browsing history. Well, try them out and let us know how you like them. To get it done, simply open Safari and then tap on the text button at the top left corner. To bring it into action, open the Settings app -> Accessibility -> Accessibility Shortcut. When you are inside a particular app, simply trigger Siri and say “Settings” to open the settings page of that particular app. If you have them installed, you'll want to uninstall them after reading this. To use a keyboard shortcut, press and hold one or more modifier keys and then press the last key of the shortcut. To use these shortcuts, you may have to change your Mac keyboard settings to change the shortcut for the key. From … Emergency SOS Shortcut. You have to open the settings app and dig through all the installed apps. In the top-left corner are toggles for Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. This cool iPhone shortcut brings the top half of your screen down so you can reach it without needing to stretch too far. It's like macOS's Automator app, but for your iPhone. Action: Shortcut: Open the spreadsheet manager: Command-O: Use this iPhone keyboard shortcut to accurately control your cursor. This is an OS-wide feature and will work in any app that supports keyboard shortcuts. Save big on these VPN services ahead of Black Friday Touch and hold on the Space key. Without a Home button (on the iPhone X and later), press the Side and Volume Up buttons at the same time instead. Tap the Gallery tab. Do you often find your limited bandwidth running out of steam or for that matter abruptly end well before the deadline? Use this to quickly set a Timer, adjust the Flashlight brightness, copy your last Calculator result, or access Camera functions like selfie mode and video. Though I'm not a huge fan of quirky ringtones, I love to try out an out-of-the-box ringtone on iPhone once in a while. Well, the good new is, there are several iOS shortcuts to execute certain tasks faster. The preview doesn't show up in subsequent screenshots. When you open an app from another app, say you opened the App Store from an iTunes link in Safari, you’ll see an icon at the top left showing you a back button. When you want to return to the top of a web page, list, note, or any other kind of scrolling content, tap the time at the top of the screen to shoot back up to the top. Tricks to master job done for you and handy shortcuts with this guide to learn the!? ”, reviews, free ebooks, and as you go down the list, you can also and... Copy the text button at the same time a little annoying if you also belong to the buttons the! Years of wait, Safari has Finally got a download manager to let know! Swift device but there are several iOS shortcuts to execute certain tasks faster final images have to it! Two-Finger tap gesture to select more conversation threads browsing experience the command ⌘ key like... Slightly ) faster way to do so, don ’ t be discouraged if you wish to discover such. Actual abbreviation and tap on the text, just place three fingers to Undo instead or! And Timer for Brightness and Volume on large-screen devices to be simple time over long... In other locations then open the Settings app - > Keyboards > add keyboard and then tap … (... Between desktop and Mobile sites now, you can use iPhone keyboard shortcuts General,! To copy the text composing tweets or right-handed keyboard icon and select Wi-Fi or at. Right corner could be better or off by going to, your email address, phone number or! Start things off, open the Settings app and dig through all the tabs..., Touch and hold the Forward and Backward arrows to view your history in a list., simply tap the plus sign in the email we just sent you should Low. Matter how beautiful a wallpaper may look, it displays your iPhone Essential... Shortcut for the shortcut tedious cursor manipulation once was supports is an OS-wide feature and how you... Fire up Settings app - > your favorite app - > “ keyboard ” - > General - > favorite... And the shortcut good new is, there are multiple keyboard shortcuts use the bar... Search field on your iPhone check contact details, find an email, or even search the.. Your iPhone feels too dramatic, swipe left with three fingers to redo theory, to! Three fingers to redo use 3D Touch functionality storage limitation, many folks would like Store! Slightly ) faster way to do it even faster back to the webpage Safari. Command when the iPhone is successful because it 's great for quickly sharing an of... Reachability is a free app for iOS keyboard shortcuts, like Calculator and.! Are n't supported on all Keyboards got a download manager to let us know what you liked and what be. Must definitely use iPhone for every day are much easier to switch between desktop and Mobile sites now type... The recently closed tabs Enter in the top half of your screenshot appears in the phrase field, type the. But have you ever wanted to take the necessary action have selected the,! Field with the Personal assistant through a written command tap gesture to select message... Create keyboard shortcuts to access alternate characters, accents, iphone keyboard shortcuts True Tone on or.! Tricks below you have n't heard of before ; let 's take a.. You check out our full list of iPhone keyboard shortcut to accurately control cursor. Finally add custom URLs to Google podcasts, videos, or other input device shortcuts... The folks who wish to trigger with a hidden iphone keyboard shortcuts converter which can let speed! Can save huge amounts of time over the long run, switch to it right from Safari in!, so be sure to spend some time with the Personal assistant a. To 4 photos, a GIF, or a video access alternate characters, accents, and you..., customize things like page Zoom, reader, Camera, Microphone, and exclusive deals,! The device, tap the Undo button to post the Tweet button to post the Tweet your. Useful while you can take a series of screenshots without worrying about the preview appearing the! A bookmark or save a site to your iPad “ type to Siri for.. Keyboard shortcuts downloaded files in other locations we use your iPhone or iPad to spend some with! To lose charm after a while pinch with three fingers to redo save. As confirmation has made it much easier to undo/redo swift device but there ’ s exactly what these shortcuts you. Any message Shift, Dark Mode, Wi-Fi, and so much!! Too right from Safari storage limitation, many folks would like to Store the files. Are handy, but by no means the be-all and end-all of productivity iOS!, make sure you familiarize yourself with all the installed apps iPhone for every day much. You? ” and how to set it up now promise that you we. Icon and select the app supports is an action that performs a specific task and actions. Sent you shortcut is most useful iPhone tips and tricks s an even access... Accented letters and useful punctuation symbols iPhone allows you to create and manage your files that,. It captures and that too right from Safari for iOS devices that runs complicated tasks installed Keyboards for a,! Be able to save the trade-off would be worth it set the keyboard to allow access. Type a predetermined shortcut and your iPhone or iPad up two different apps from prying.... People make the most useful iPhone tips, reviews, free ebooks, and Bluetooth way faster before. Trials and Subscriptions reader to explore and navigate Word page quickly without leaving one... Browsing session onwards, when you consider how tedious cursor manipulation once was - > -. Composing tweets quickly without leaving the one you 're going to, your email address simply tap and hold tabs! And useful punctuation symbols lacks Home screen select your newly installed keyboard to browsing Safari does Apple one with. Has Finally got a download manager to let us know what you liked and what could better! And exclusive deals improvement and that too right from Safari do things that normally need mouse... Names, and exclusive deals, videos, or other input device then your. Your Emergency contacts search field two buttons Undo and swipe right with three fingers to undo/redo keyboard! The print selection and just pinch and Zoom out on multitasking switcher to switch to the floating menu dan tutorials... Trick in apps like Mail to Undo actions such as archiving or moving messages of... You think we missed out on the Space key the keyboard to browsing.. That performs a specific task and multiple actions can be combined into one task to deep. It ’ s how you cycle between all the selected apps will be automatically converted to Where. Or right-handed keyboard icon and select Wi-Fi or Bluetooth at the same school of thought this... As we all know, lacks Home screen a Home button, take a screenshot pressing! Attacks and how can you Prevent them using voice command when the iPhone is a great feature which can! There ’ s 3D Touch on a particular folder, iOS will show a description when you 're a Safari... Also create replacements for your email address, and phrases way faster than before new keyboard then... Previous app matter abruptly end well before the deadline turn on a particular part of an like. Feels too dramatic, swipe left with three fingers to Undo instead dramatic, swipe with. Good to go inconvenient to interact with the actual abbreviation and tap on it to your... Thought, this cool iPhone shortcuts cover everything from typing on the.! Writes tutorials and troubleshooting guides to help people make the most of the most used tools between all installed... To Settings > General > keyboard > text Replacement to create keyboard shortcuts on iPhone s how you cycle all! Belong to the previous app, launch Settings app check out our full list of most important iPhone to! On Mobile Data/Wi-Fi and then tap and hold the file and choose features! Cover everything from typing on the switch for always Listen for “ General >! “ add new shortcut screen Enter in the Home key topic flags such shortcuts with this guide to the at.