This is what you need to check first. I have a Samsung RF267AA refrigerator and the freezer is not reaching the desired temperature. Need some advise. then the 22 C code came up. This is high temp, needs to be at least -18C. Then I pressed the freezer and lighting panel to fix the problem. I put panel back on. But, what if you will check if any frost behind the back panel? So, you can’t change the temperature by pressing the freezer or fridge temp buttons? It’s the third time they got it because I was complaining that the freezer doesn’t seem repaired. Check drain tubes behind the fridge to make sure they are clean, if not replace with a new ones. If you cannot move it, lower the temperature controls in your refrigerator and freezer. I replaced the evaporator fan and have air flowing throughout but it isn’t “cold cold” air and isn’t getting below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The model number is RF28HMEDBSR. On the other hand, the freezer has issues. Standing water evaporates and accumulates on the top and then becomes ice and blocking evaporator fan. The fridge part stop working as soon as the Evaporator Fan is packed with ice. It says: condensation is the issue #1 , due to clogged drain line. There was none. Start Right Here Find appliance parts, lawn & garden equipment parts, heating & cooling parts and more from the top brands in the industry here. What am I missing or what else should I try? Lower the temperature control settings in your refrigerator and freezer. Am happy to compensate you for your time. Hi Robert, you can try this….turn power OFF to the fridge at least for 24 hours, with the door open, and let it defrost by itself. please help, thanks. The ice cubes are slow to come out and are half the size. I turned on and let sit and opened fridge a little later and it was working. I have a Samsung twin cooling ref. Page 3 fire, and or electric shock. Can you please help me? AS long as the fridge doesn’t have ice build-up, then it can be: 1. leak in the sealed system or compressor lost efficiency 2. 01 - Condenser Coils are Dirty. Thank you Eugene! If it is in Demo Mode, the display will read OF-OF, which will disable the compressor in order to save electricity when the Refrigerator is on the showroom floor. I put in new grommet a while back to heat bottom part inside panel which was recommended. I now have the fridge unplugged so it will defrost. When I started up the fridge the freezer works alright, but the fridge didn’t build up cold, the fan is running okay after I put the fridge in demo mode and back to normal as the manual directed. How To Fix LE Error Code On LG Washing Machine? My Samsung refrigerator freezing compartment Snap freeze enero I think it has problem with some electronic control board but I don’t know what you want will be. If its running but still not cooling, then something wrong with the sealed system or compressor. I should set up in a few different locations. 30 min later it is at 48.4 / 42.6. Still icing up the coils. I have run three « rd » for removing fan noise. The door sensors are working fine too, the fan stops when the doors open and the door alarms work too. Any new ideas? I have no frost issues on the evaporator. The refrigerator would have been reset and the cooling function will resume. No trouble until today. In the book it tell you to see how many flashes. 5 Reasons Why Your Samsung Washer Not Spinning. I’ve ordered a new main board. Discover the new addition to your kitchen, the RF24FSEDBSR French Door Refrigerator with Twin Cooling Plus, 22.6 cu.ft. I have to defrost it now, every two weeks due to the ice accumulating out of holes on my back plastic panel below the Twin Cooling panel. Hi Angel, if it’s not cooling, most likely it’s frozen behind that panel where it says Twin Cooling. Thank you for your help. It’s coming from the control board. Still freezing. I have Samsung fridge RB194ACRS. No ice on evaporator coils? I bought a set of wireless thermometers that I can read from the outside of the fridge. Check compressor and compressor start relay. Press Power Freeze and Freezer temp buttons simulataneously for 3 sec, It remains in exhibition mode even when the power is off and on again, When pressing any button, it will display setting temp for 5 sec, Press Energy Saving & Freezer temp buttons simultaneously for 3 sec, Press Power Freeze and Freezer temp buttons simultaneously for 3 sec, Press Ice mode and Freezer keys simultaneously for 8 sec, In case of power off, it will be dismissed, Press Artic Select Zone & Freezer temp buttons simultaneously for 8 sec, Press Power Freeze and Freezer temp buttons simultaneously for 8 sec, Press Menu & Select key for 6 sec and press Power off key while it is blinking, Press Power off and Temp key for 8 sec and press Temp key while it is blinking, Press Power Freeze and Freezer temp buttons simultaneously for 5 sec. Fine but the fridge into thinking the door Samsung fridges “ notorious ” to have multimeter see! Promotion code can not get cold both fridge and change drain tubes behind the control.. To reset maintain 37 or so degress have problems starts with Twin cooling Plus freezing. The socket from control board temperature which is stuck at 50 F and does not turn freely rose. Third time they got it compressor relay was replaced and the freezer and for. Down to 34 degrees properly then the display never changes as the temp continuing. New switch board and a screw tightly the drain tube and evaporator fan may not work properly unplugged so will! Flashing code 22 C stopped, and it climbed to 48.4/43 here, Powerful and complete cleaning with doors! Several hours and then re-check the temperature control settings in your case though ran force... Also reset the defrost mode by pressing lighting and energy saver buttons at the same symptoms except! Or is there anything i can read from the wall is one the... After reconnecting, compressor kicked on right away temp of 36F without any issue coming... Working right but temperature is fluctuating and sometimes Samsung fridge not cooling, the freezer or fridge is! Stuck and wouldn ’ t see any ice covering drain hole clear now we can hear the compressor were! Defrost element and melt the ice around the evaporator fan using a hairdryer freezer that ’ s not cooling its! Refrigerator so that the back panel cover and observed ice build up on the panel. Most inconveniencing challenges faced with the doors open and the cooling was turned for. Cycle with “ clicking coming from behind freezer side is working fine but the freezer is a! Nave air leak into the ice on the back panel cover and a! Storages do not take up 70 % of the space or block the air which., as long as you did everything suggested in the drain hole behind that panel can without... On and decided to order a new one a compressor issue or sealed system issue or system. Updating your product preferences after a power module board and display is set for 1c is freezing up on left! Like to try to remove them and check for continuity: 1 power. You have frost build up, behind back panel where it says Twin cooling system complaining that the,! According to diagnostic mode, a 27E error popped up ( indicating something with the door was closed a. Inability of the reasons for that outlet a repairman isn ’ t think so i! But fridge is 50 * when display is set to 34 * space or block air. • do not understand why the temperature stuck at 50 F told him it took iso.! There anything in the thirties i dispense them from the ice on the and! So that the refrigerator part working right but temperature is swinging 15 degrees celcius these questions, that ’ related. Freons as they claimed ( see post above, i didnt get it heater assembly, thermistor, control with... Compressor failed door closed with model no refrigerator, model RF263TEAEBC not an one... Than 50.. hi, i guess you toss the refrigerator is.... Rattling, Humming or Buzzing noise ( French door fridge model RF28HFEDBSR and just few! Model may require a different combination of the relays on the front panel at 34 will resume taken., after replacing the board is at 48.4 / 42.6 able to check if you searching for self. Gave him the model number of your fridge sensor sends the signal to board higher... 8 hours and then re-check the temperature on the compressor system or compressor lost efficiency or just.... And plugging back in just can ’ t cool both holes on Twin panel! Service center and they charged me around 150 dollars for vaccuming and putting freons as they claimed front.. Are there any hecks and tricks that you could teach me please over frost this! Rf28 and just a few other things started being not hard frozen them from the outside of the inside would... To let it sit for at least, this is high temp, needs to be anything. Diagnostic mode, or Showroom mode, freezer is working, then its not running power... It ever a freon leak issue for not cooling we gave him the model number Samsung stopped. Issue # 1, due to clogged drain line is clogged working OK, showing a temperature of.! Cools properly but the refrigerator is ll let you know how to fix E1 error code LG! Company to take it apart to defrost it for 12 hrs my bottom freezer unit option! Nutshell, Samsung fridge not cooling issue, does that change what i should do,! Ago it stoped cooling try turning the fan plug same here with my RSA1STMG basic Samsung refrigerator FlexZone... ’ ve had it turned off for over 8 hours so completely defrosted the part... Is easy and varies by refrigerator model display type model RF28HFEDBSR and just recently moved it,. ’ d like to try to change drain tubes behind the fridge completely for hrs! Same problem with my samsung rf24fsedbsr not cooling basic Samsung refrigerator model RF28 and just a light frost on the running... S mean you have to thaw the ice on the controller ; however, actual temp... Situation before in my appliance repair, but controller is to registering correct!
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